I need some thing or someone in my life.

This video is exactly what I needed . lately Iv been thinking a lot about past events,not a bad thing, awesome events that are now long over. Events that have affected my life to such a degree that I am now where I am today ( funny how that works). Its strange because I have caught my self saying, "I want make some more awesome memories", but where dose that get me. I need to live in the moments life offers me then and only then will the memories will be made. It seems like I'm living just to make it though the day. It seems that I'm not exactly living life for something or better yet someone. I have no or little reason  to get up in the morning. who will be my inspiration what will be my inspiration where will I find my inspiration when will I find that inspiration.  I need some thing or someone in my life.

Messages of Hope, Assurance, and Comfort: The prophet Moroni wrote that "whoso believeth in God might with surety hope for a better world, yea, even a place at the right hand of God" (Ether 12:4). When we have hope, we trust God's promises. We have a quiet assurance that if we do the works of righteousness, we shall receive our reward, "even peace in this world, and eternal life in the world to come" (D&C 59:23).


Time and palce

Have you ever been in a situation where your doing good you can then Satan attacks with full force? Rconrad Schultz of the seventy explains this clearly,

 " We had been hit by what is called a sneaker wave. It doesn’t happen often, and there is no way to predict an occurrence. Later we found that up and down the Oregon-Washington coast, five people had drowned that day in three separate boating accidents. All were caused by the same sneaker wave, which for no apparent reason had welled up off the ocean surface. At the time we went out over the bar, the ocean was flat and calm and gave no sign of any danger. But the ocean turned out to be very deceptive and not at all what it appeared to be.
As we make our way through this life’s journey, we must continually be on guard and watch for those things which are deceptive and not what they appear to be. If we are not careful, the sneaker waves in life can be as deadly as those in the ocean."http://lds.org/general-conference/2002/04/faith-obedience?lang=eng just so you can read the whole awesome talk

I like to look at thees situations as big testing/growing pints in our lives. its not cool to think that we need to grow and progress throughout our lives and to bee completely honest i don't like the thought of being freaking temped all the days of my life if the temptations are strong enough to kill me. i better get some awesome strength

we need not fear god loves us and will never abandon us he will also never let us be tempted more that n we can bear, there is always a way out of the temptation.