What a wonderful time of the year.

What a wonderful time of the year. 
 I got to spend the Christmas weekend with Jenna
 and her family or in other words, 
with lot of people I didn't know.
 although I feel like I will see them again.
I have some good news that I think you would like to hear.  
I'm engaged.
Jenna I love you!  


True Love

Which of five senses do you use most? Do you know them all?  Well this is your lucky day because this blog is dedicated to them. Yes all five. Why? I have no idea. So just enjoy.

The five methods of perception or sense are: hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste. Every sense has its place in my heart. For example, I love how the soft snowflakes shimmer as they fall through the pine-scented air while a candy cane melts in my mouth. Did you see that? I used all five senses in that sentence to prove to you that the five senses play a role in your life as well.    

I have noticed that throughout my life these senses are worthless unless someone else is in the picture to liven these senses. I, not you, just helped bring all five senses alive to you in that snowflake sentence mention above. To bring these senses alive, you needed me for every sense. Do you understand? Without someone to help awaken those senses it would not of happened. It's true. Someone needs to be there, whoever it may be.

That was fun! I hope what you got out of this is, it's not the same to hold you own hand... so find someone's hand to hold and discover the the true purpose and use of your five senses.

P.S. Snow is a good weapon to use in a snowball fight.  


My Mustache

Mustaches are an interesting thing. During the two week growth of my mustache I received several interesting comments like,  "you look like a cop," "you look like a solder from Germany or something" or "it makes my lip hurt." I also asked many people if they liked it and to your and my surprise not one of them told me the didn't like with out a smile on. I liked that. You all were so polite about my Mustache that didn't quite suit my face.  I would truly grow a mustache for the rest of my life if it meant that people would smile around me. Okay that's lie but I did enjoy all of the smiles. 

With my mustache. 

Today with out. 
So now it's up to you tell me what you think. Check yes or no
Hope you all had a good thanksgiving!    


Smucker's Seedless Strawberry Jam

Dear Jc,
Jk Thinks he would back off the mountain for you any time!
I hear Jk has the hots for you. :) 
He says your always on his mind. 
"Being woke up by a Jc text," Jk says, "is the best because she's awesome."
So who is this Jk Person any way? 
He sounds like a joke!
But a good joke of course.  
Jc, what more could Jk ask for? 
The End.  

PS. I would like to make notice of my Mom's great accomplishment she had this year with her doll project. 500 dolls that's amazing! your amazing! I love you!  


Like no other.

You amaze me. 
It's amazing how much you care.
It's amazing that you willing share 
you amaze me.
It's amazing how you love.
It's amazing how your like the one above.
you amaze me.
It's who you are that's amazing.
It's how we ought to be, Amazing.

talk I read hit home today. It said, "The purpose of our life on earth is to grow, develop, and be strengthened through our own experiences."



The other day I found my self receiving a foot detox bath. So, the idea is that if you send an electric current through you body and make it come out your feet. The toxins in your body will come out and show up in the water. To start out we filled our foot tubs With normal clean hot water (with a little salt). Next, we connected to an electric current by placing a bracelet, connected to a machine, around our wrist. Then bingo, we pressed start and watched the magic happen for 30 minutes. I was very surprised with the results.

This is just a little after we started. 
 You can see the bracelet and another conductor thing in the water.
Don't worry all I felt was the hot water.    
Do you like the look of awe I had at the end of the process?

Yep you can no longer see my toes due to the toxins that were removed from my body.

I had a coat of brown on top with black specks under neath. Matt had different cheese curds like substance floating round in his. Also note worthy is the foul smell that it was putting off. Kinda like burning iron or something. I didn't feel any different immediately after I was done. The only affects were that I slept for the whole next day. Over all I was intrigued with this process of detoxification. you should try it! 



Today I would like to share with you just a little bit of my night life that I find entertaining.
I work at a grocery store. You probably have never seen me working there, but I do. Check it out!       
This is the frozen isle can you tell that only half of the celling light are on?
The frozen isle is always so cold. Can see about fifteen boxes on the floor? Okay so normally we throw about 65 or so just in frozen.
Can you say -10 degrees? Yeah so if you don't have gloves your hands get bitterly cold.  

Come on guys not only do you get Great Prices but there are friendly people too. 

3:00AM lunch With a good ol lunch-able, orange juice, dried mangos, and Time magazine.

I found this in Time and couldn't help but think: Who controls which arm? How do they decide what to do? Do they only have one stomach?   
Baby food! this is the warmest place in the store, over by the bakery.

Did you enjoy learning more about my night life? I hope so!
 Oh and I have this random photo too! Can you tell who I'm talking too?
I'm not at work but thought you might enjoy knowing that I have Facebook.   



What is time, why do we have time, and when is it time.

At times it seems like we have so much time. Time time time all the time in the world. On other occasion it seems like we don't have enough time. I find my self switching back and forth between both of these circumstances constantly. This is certainly the time we have whether we like it our not. 
with racing we put in a lot of time before hand to see the shortest amount of time we can get out in the end. With love we we put a lot of time hopping that time will never run out, in fact, Dieter F Uchtdorf said that "love is really spelt T-I-M-E."

I hope this was worth your time. Its now your time to shine.              


It's 3:00AM

Me and a couple of my shoes. 
It's the first step on the frozen pavement.
It's the smell of wood burning in a stove. 
It's the "clippity-clack" of a zipper.
It's the "swish" of the crisp air passing by. 
It's the reminding "thud" of where a foot has landed.
It's the glare of the white line passing by.
It's the humidity forming under a jacket.
It's the "zip" of a lowering zipper.
It's the sight of breath rising through a head lamp. 
It's the "hum" of the distant semis.
It's the fear of the "zoom" as the milk man rushes by to meet his quota.
It's the splatter of the uncontrolled saliva shining in the light.
It's the sound of sprinklers squirting ice onto the ground.
It's the halfway mark.
It's the sparkle of frost on the soft green grass. 
It's the sensation of a cracking lip in the bitter wind.     
It's the blast of light of the meteor in the moon lit sky. 
 It's the "rustling" leaves moving beneath your feet.
It's the thought of "can't see can't tell" how far its been.
It's the final turn.
It's the fear, frustration, guilt, fat and anger that was lost.
It's the confidence, energy, self worth, and love of life that was found.    
It's the steam rising from your heated body. 
It's the stretch.  

...It's the pure love of running that motivates me.


Life Savers

 What is it about milk?
 Milk comes from cows! 
Personally I couldn't live with out milk.  
I got a new job.
 And today,
I spent a few hours putting milk on shelves. 
  Oh Harmons,
 I think I'm going to like you the best. 
sorry Jubille.
Good Better Best
is my motto.  


Mile Stones

In my life I've had a lot of milestones. We should have a lot mile stones? Of course we should. some of our mile stones will better than others, some are desired some are long awaited. Some just happen out of the blue.

The reason I'm writing this blog is because my life milestones need to be published and its up to me to get them published!

First kiss:
Unfortunately I don't remember when I first thought I wanted to kiss some one. I do Know it was on my mind for many many years. I longed for the moment and lucky for me it was one of those moments well worth the wait.
January 23 2011

Running into a Blogger:
I was working Saturday night at Ridleys(Jubilee). The Dole Salads were badly needing a refilling. So there I was filling the salads just doing my thing and pow! Miss Jenna shows up (liked your hair by the way). It was weird how it all played out you caught me off guard. This ordeal made me think of how long I had read about your life and felt like I was almost part of it.  It had been almost a year since I first started following your blog. Now, just barley, I can say I said hi to you in person. I had been waiting for this milestone. October 1 2011

Drivers Licence:
Watch out! Big tough guy coming through. yeah i was pretty cool. I happened to be one of the first in my grade to get my drivers license, do to the fact that I was held back a year in second grade, making me the second oldest in my class. and I proud to say I didn't get a ticket on my record until after my mission.( Doesn't mean I didn't deserver one earlier). Yep can you say sly dog?
April 29 2005    

Got Married:
Your right, i haven't gotten married but (if it ever happens) it will be a big milestone on my life. I will be the luckiest guy in the world to marry the girl of my dreams!

This one was kinda expected but at the same time I didn't expect the unexpected. I had good a time studding, making new friends, living at home away from home. At least  it seemed that way for the summer. I quickly found out that you need money to do all of those thing and I spent all that I had the first week. So it was very unexpected that I had to put my collage life on hold, move back home and resort back to working Ridleys.
summer 2011    

Elder Browning:
Im home alone!! my brother left for his mission last month. He is now in the MTC in africa preparing to enter his mission, Cape Town South Africa. The other day I found my self rummaging through my mission stuff and I found an email from eric that I printed off because he sent such an uplifting and heart felt message during such a hard and discouraging time. I Referred back to it many times throughout my mission . I love My brother! This will be a long hard 2 years to endure though with without you to help me along the way. I'm glad I had a year to be home with you!
September 20 2011

One Year Anniversary:
 "bye every one see you in two years" I said as I was left at the MTC in provo One year ago. I was called to serve in the Chile, ViƱa del Mar Mission and did so now I've been home for one year. yep you can say Accomplishment  
September 24 2011

Well there you have some mile stones of my life. if you can think of some other milestones that you would like to hear about let me know!


Moose creek

I had the most enjoyable weekend of the month! we went up to moose creek in Victor  Idaho to set out on a ten mile backpacking Adventure. My sister planed it and ended up inviting me (which is nice because she ends up paying for all of my expenses) and other very enjoyable people. the boy to girl ratio was defiantly in my favor. Not only was hauling my bag up the mountain awesome but I was also able to help push others up as well. That made for a good pass time and conversations, I'm glad I was able to help.


What Is Pickleball? what!!

My mom recently asked me on face book What pickle ball was. So in response to this I would like to dedicate this blog to my poor Mother who will shortly understand.

Ok sorry, I thought About posting a big long definition that would have been a lot of boring information informing you that Pickleball is  played by the old only longing to be in there twenties. So cheer up Im only going to show you a video. Check it out! 


I Need You?

Ever since I saw you my first day on campus my life has seemed empty . now I find out that your in my ward, what more could I ask for. its interesting because as I'm siting here listing  to Justin Bieber and it seem that every time I see you smile I smile. Now we need to get passed the just smiling stage and get some talking done. I cant wait to get to know you . today dragged on because I couldn't stop thinking about how long I would have to wait for next Sunday to come around. maybe if i keep my fingers crossed we will run into each other before then.

On another note I got a check for $2,755.00 today form some random dude from Florida. Turns out that its a big scam, they wanted me to cash it the day I received it and take $300 for my first secret shopper assignment. dumb people. hopefully the twenty  bucks they took from me so far will be all they end up with.



Times of change

This morning my nephew shown above went into surgery to get a Tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, myrignotomy. That's tonsils out, adenoids out, ear tubes in. I guess this will all make him a much happier camper. The guy is such an awesome little kid, and with the parents he has he will only become more awesome.  

Also on another note can any one see a big IDAHO written across my forehead?  Well look harder Because thats were going there this weekend ! Were leaving this afternoon yay! 

Any way peace out, enjoy life and don't look back. 


My brother smells like Stephs

What more could I ask for?  you know when life is good when your ending your sunday blogging away listing to Taylor Swift. Tomorrow is the big day, logan hear I come  si o si nothing can stop me Now. Also Im starting Insanity and its Elite Nutrition plan tomorrow.  Big things are in store.  Wish me luck. 

What dose my future hold in store for me.  I mean come on why cant I know.  Ok I guess I know what I need know to be happy and that is... wait for it ... find me a LADY.  Thats all there is to it right?

Oh and to get you all excited I took some hideous before pictures so y'all can see the changes insanity made.  So be sure to check back two months from now to see them. You and I will be amazed!   



Hello Fitness

Hello world. Lately Ive been doing my research on the Beach Body products. The Beach Body inspiration  came to me the first night of state track when two of the coaches invited me to go with them to Texas Road House (Delicious). It was there, that night, that I first herd of Beach Body, P90x and Insanity. I had no clue what the those gangster were talking about, but they said it worked . Now Insanity is in the mail and I'm going to see what happens when complete the 60 day challenge. check it out! Are you in? Do I have motivators to help?


Easter Birthday

Today is my birthday shout hurray. I'm one yea older and wiser to. Happy Birth day to me. It turns out that my birthday doesn't land on Easter Sunday very often. It truly has been a treat, the savior means a bunch to me I love him! I hope that I can be more like him by following his example.

This week has been an adventurous one I worked all week then Thursday came rolling around and Guess what Thursday is?... Its granola girl day! Yep this granola girl thing is just a chugging better than ever. Now I know her name and the sound of her voice. Yeah we talked, but talk about sacrifice. I had to take a time out from sorting tomatoes to go over and talk to her. Thank you tomatoes it was totally worth it!

That pretty much sums up. This is all I can suck out of my Juice Box that they call my brain


Weather Conflict

What a good day it was for the above average Jubilee produce worker! We spent the morning scrubbing the 7 years of hard water build up off the wet rack. When we have a project, like so, to do I actually seem to lose track of time. I prefer to work wile I'm at work, I like to spend my day doing something productive.

The wet rack scrubbing was first event of the day to make it so good. Number two has no similarity but is just as interesting. for the past two months or so the granola guy, that comes in every Thursday, hired a very attractive blond. So every Thursday after lunch, around 1:00 pm, she comes to restock the granola bars that  happen to be closely located to our produce if not in our produce. Dare I say too close to our produce. You could say I have a major crush one this girl. I am to yet to find out the girls name although I'm progressing gradually on the whole talking part. today, for example, I asked her little "sister" ... (don't ask, I have no idea what she was doing there) if she was dead.They were trying out the blood presser cuff, also conveniently located in our produce.Last week I said hi and she said bye. So as you can obviously see, I've made lots of progress during  past two weeks. 

To top the day off my running shorts came in the mail and wore them under my sweats for my run in the freaking snow. It was a very rewarding run, I made a new record, I finished with two inches of snow on my Hoody , I felt very proud. also during my run I had two words that were floating around in my head precipitation and participation, just to throw that one out there.  

what a good day I had! 




1. the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors.
2. the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like.
3. a successful performance or achievement: The play was an instant success.
4. a person or thing that is successful: She was a great success on the talk show.
5. Obsolete . outcome.

I just had a major brain wave hit my brain full force. Since my brain doesn't just all of the sudden get up and going very often I thought I would take this opportunity to fill you in on my thoughts about success.
Success is one of my favorite words. you can find me saying it any were any time and for any occasion. I like to have succeed in a positive and glorious way, although it doesn't always turn out that way. Now I don't want to focus on how to successfully fail rather I would like to focus on how to successfully succeed. 

I'm a track distance coach for Morgan High and Ive noticed that we have an awesome team with lots of potential. Now for them to have success in there endeavors most people would say or think they would need to win the race right? Wrong! Its not about winning or lossing the race, its about having success or suceeding. We try to motivate and teach our athleats to be dedicated to there activities, work hard, improve and never give up. these are simple but very important life principles and if we follow these guidelines in all aspects of our lifes we will win, we will have success!       



March is by far one of my favorite months of the year. march was considered the mark of a new year until some time between 400BC and 700BC, although that is not why I like March so much. I like march because it has brought more hope, peace, confidence and excitement for what is to come in my life.

For all y'all Ill fill you in on some things: I'm an assistant coach for the Morgan High track team. I'm coaching the distance kids and loving every second of it . We just had out fist meet yesterday and they did awesome. for my day job I'm working 40 hour weeks at jubilee doing produce, also I made it official that I'm going to Utah State University this summer to study my brains out.

 March  is one of seven months to have 31 days, so we cant lose sight of spring coming this month. So just be good and happy and god will bless.


another one alone

Tonight would have been a good night to have some one to hold, someone to spend time with and maybe just to top it off to try my luck,someone to give a good night kiss. But I'm glad its late so now I can just sleep all these lonely feelings off. I'm almost done with my CNA class and now currently looking for a sweet job, so if you have any sweet hookups let me know, I would greatly appreciate it. Also Ive gone over on all my budgets this month and its February on of the shortest months of the year. I mean didn't even buy a new shirt this month gees. guess I need to do some adjusting either more saving or a bigger budget. What ever floats my boat I guess. My dream, yes I have a dream, would be to get another grocery store job and a job as a CNA so I can work two decent paying jobs and just enjoy life staying busy. If I can fit Little dating into it the whole life story. That would be awesome.

OK maybe the link was a Little much but check it out any way, it made me happy.



  I'm not the most interesting blogger out there right . One of the blogs I follow has nearly 8000 visits to her blog page,  Can I say that is just amazing! Compared to my wimpy 170 visits. Hey but I'm getting up there. Maybe I should take a writing class or something... or not. That could be my worst nightmare but hey "never say never" Right?

What dose tomorrow hold in store? The suspense is killing me!  


Why now

Something isn't right and I'm not sure why it has to be this way. Today I bought some tickets to go and See the ballet. I'm excited but the last time I planed a date out in advance it didn't go through. this time it would definitely be a harder one to accept. Dang it!  I can be such a idiot. gGosh I feel like crap and I wish I didn't. Will it all be OK? Dude I just want to cry. David Arculeta your awesome thanks for your for your back up support!   


Two Days

Is it safe to say that two days is a very long time! Well it is too long to be apart. Tonight will be another lonely night by my self due to the fact that Heather is in Provo tonight. Yeah talk about sad times.  To make up for all the lonely time we will be together all day tomorrow! We have a class from 8am till like 4, Then let the night night Begin. We will have the time of our lives making pizza.

Gosh! em I a creeper girly guy or what? this is almost to mushy! Sorry.  



What is up with music. I find it so mind boggling. It can make you feel weird. It can make you feel comforted.it all depends on what your listening to. What more need i say than music is great. Just listen only to the good stuff OK     

Why life is so great.

Ive found lately that my life is great. I'm find my self being more and more grateful for the blessings in my life. about three weeks ago came someone into my life in that is teaching me to love, she is teaching me to love those around me and let them know of my love for them. what a blessing she is in my life. what more could I ask for.

Now  to start a different subject I write my thoughts. Why am I so attracted to this special woman in my life you my ask. Have you ever felt happy in your life? I suppose the answer to that  would be yes. Now I would like you to think of that happy time in your life, times it by a lot and add god into the equation. you would find your self saying  "I'm so blessed"

I'm dating some one, shes beautiful,  I just bought a car, and my life is great. haha OK good night.      


Big #1

There is always a first for every thing. Some things i find exciting or will find exciting are things like these: first pay check, first snow fall, first follower, first kiss. first car, first shave. Ill let you decipher the ones that I have completed . Then there are always those "bad" firsts that usually come after those "good" first for example first budget, first pot hole, first follower to reject you, first break up, first ticket, first ingrown hair. god has it all planed out. for every positive there is a negative. DANG IT! but if you "smile more then you grumble" it will all turn out for the better. go and be number one then you'll see that  number 3 is number one.     



Work, Hair cut (from some attractive young woman), hair washing (from the same attractive young women with awesome fingers), scrub world, bought grey scrubs, went home, ate a cold cut combo subway sandwich, studied for my FHE lesson. went back to Ogden studied some more for the lesson and CNA Class, started class, got bored out of m mind, left class early, made it to FHE on time, ate a taco that my awesome brother bought me, sung, prayed, ate some peanut butter M&M's, taught my lesson, ate cake,  enjoyed talking to awesome people and now I'm here blogging about my awesome day. Did I mention that my brother is awesome.         


Work Life / Faimily Life

I would like to become a nurse. or some thing like it. Now why, you may ask, do I want to be something cool like nurse.why would I want to become part of somebodies life why would I want to have such a great impact on somebodies  life.

As I was pondering these questions last night during institute. I figured I might as well have a job during the day were I can help better someones life, while at the same time feeling  good about what  I do as a carer . Saving some ones life or just helping some way. I mean I cant always have an amazing day. people are going to suffer even die while am at work.

Now you may ask, what this has to do with family life. Well if I can find my self a spouse. Someone spacial, some angelic. who I can come home after a days work, no matter how my day went and Just forget what happened at work and be Abel to help better the life of my lovely wife. To come home to someone that loves me, to some one that cares. And just love them back. for ever and for always.

So if you can get my drift. Love at work makes a good day. Love at home makes my good day, an even better day. That's why I want to become a nurse.      


Happy new beginning

I had a wonderful night. The best new years eve ever! I, being the only lucky man alive, was invited to enjoy the night in salt lake City,  to celebrate the new years at the salt palace. I couldn't of asked for a better way to start 2011 then spending it with very enjoyable people rocking out to Muscle Hawk in tempters far below freezing.

The only, dare I say, disappointment of the night was that I didn't get to start 2011 off with a kiss! I know, right, kinda sad, but well make it through the hard times by prepping up those lips with a daily appliance of chap stick, for when someone wants to make up or, should i say, make out for it. haha its a joke