Big #1

There is always a first for every thing. Some things i find exciting or will find exciting are things like these: first pay check, first snow fall, first follower, first kiss. first car, first shave. Ill let you decipher the ones that I have completed . Then there are always those "bad" firsts that usually come after those "good" first for example first budget, first pot hole, first follower to reject you, first break up, first ticket, first ingrown hair. god has it all planed out. for every positive there is a negative. DANG IT! but if you "smile more then you grumble" it will all turn out for the better. go and be number one then you'll see that  number 3 is number one.     



Work, Hair cut (from some attractive young woman), hair washing (from the same attractive young women with awesome fingers), scrub world, bought grey scrubs, went home, ate a cold cut combo subway sandwich, studied for my FHE lesson. went back to Ogden studied some more for the lesson and CNA Class, started class, got bored out of m mind, left class early, made it to FHE on time, ate a taco that my awesome brother bought me, sung, prayed, ate some peanut butter M&M's, taught my lesson, ate cake,  enjoyed talking to awesome people and now I'm here blogging about my awesome day. Did I mention that my brother is awesome.         


Work Life / Faimily Life

I would like to become a nurse. or some thing like it. Now why, you may ask, do I want to be something cool like nurse.why would I want to become part of somebodies life why would I want to have such a great impact on somebodies  life.

As I was pondering these questions last night during institute. I figured I might as well have a job during the day were I can help better someones life, while at the same time feeling  good about what  I do as a carer . Saving some ones life or just helping some way. I mean I cant always have an amazing day. people are going to suffer even die while am at work.

Now you may ask, what this has to do with family life. Well if I can find my self a spouse. Someone spacial, some angelic. who I can come home after a days work, no matter how my day went and Just forget what happened at work and be Abel to help better the life of my lovely wife. To come home to someone that loves me, to some one that cares. And just love them back. for ever and for always.

So if you can get my drift. Love at work makes a good day. Love at home makes my good day, an even better day. That's why I want to become a nurse.      


Happy new beginning

I had a wonderful night. The best new years eve ever! I, being the only lucky man alive, was invited to enjoy the night in salt lake City,  to celebrate the new years at the salt palace. I couldn't of asked for a better way to start 2011 then spending it with very enjoyable people rocking out to Muscle Hawk in tempters far below freezing.

The only, dare I say, disappointment of the night was that I didn't get to start 2011 off with a kiss! I know, right, kinda sad, but well make it through the hard times by prepping up those lips with a daily appliance of chap stick, for when someone wants to make up or, should i say, make out for it. haha its a joke