another one alone

Tonight would have been a good night to have some one to hold, someone to spend time with and maybe just to top it off to try my luck,someone to give a good night kiss. But I'm glad its late so now I can just sleep all these lonely feelings off. I'm almost done with my CNA class and now currently looking for a sweet job, so if you have any sweet hookups let me know, I would greatly appreciate it. Also Ive gone over on all my budgets this month and its February on of the shortest months of the year. I mean didn't even buy a new shirt this month gees. guess I need to do some adjusting either more saving or a bigger budget. What ever floats my boat I guess. My dream, yes I have a dream, would be to get another grocery store job and a job as a CNA so I can work two decent paying jobs and just enjoy life staying busy. If I can fit Little dating into it the whole life story. That would be awesome.

OK maybe the link was a Little much but check it out any way, it made me happy.



  I'm not the most interesting blogger out there right . One of the blogs I follow has nearly 8000 visits to her blog page,  Can I say that is just amazing! Compared to my wimpy 170 visits. Hey but I'm getting up there. Maybe I should take a writing class or something... or not. That could be my worst nightmare but hey "never say never" Right?

What dose tomorrow hold in store? The suspense is killing me!  


Why now

Something isn't right and I'm not sure why it has to be this way. Today I bought some tickets to go and See the ballet. I'm excited but the last time I planed a date out in advance it didn't go through. this time it would definitely be a harder one to accept. Dang it!  I can be such a idiot. gGosh I feel like crap and I wish I didn't. Will it all be OK? Dude I just want to cry. David Arculeta your awesome thanks for your for your back up support!   


Two Days

Is it safe to say that two days is a very long time! Well it is too long to be apart. Tonight will be another lonely night by my self due to the fact that Heather is in Provo tonight. Yeah talk about sad times.  To make up for all the lonely time we will be together all day tomorrow! We have a class from 8am till like 4, Then let the night night Begin. We will have the time of our lives making pizza.

Gosh! em I a creeper girly guy or what? this is almost to mushy! Sorry.  



What is up with music. I find it so mind boggling. It can make you feel weird. It can make you feel comforted.it all depends on what your listening to. What more need i say than music is great. Just listen only to the good stuff OK     

Why life is so great.

Ive found lately that my life is great. I'm find my self being more and more grateful for the blessings in my life. about three weeks ago came someone into my life in that is teaching me to love, she is teaching me to love those around me and let them know of my love for them. what a blessing she is in my life. what more could I ask for.

Now  to start a different subject I write my thoughts. Why am I so attracted to this special woman in my life you my ask. Have you ever felt happy in your life? I suppose the answer to that  would be yes. Now I would like you to think of that happy time in your life, times it by a lot and add god into the equation. you would find your self saying  "I'm so blessed"

I'm dating some one, shes beautiful,  I just bought a car, and my life is great. haha OK good night.