Easter Birthday

Today is my birthday shout hurray. I'm one yea older and wiser to. Happy Birth day to me. It turns out that my birthday doesn't land on Easter Sunday very often. It truly has been a treat, the savior means a bunch to me I love him! I hope that I can be more like him by following his example.

This week has been an adventurous one I worked all week then Thursday came rolling around and Guess what Thursday is?... Its granola girl day! Yep this granola girl thing is just a chugging better than ever. Now I know her name and the sound of her voice. Yeah we talked, but talk about sacrifice. I had to take a time out from sorting tomatoes to go over and talk to her. Thank you tomatoes it was totally worth it!

That pretty much sums up. This is all I can suck out of my Juice Box that they call my brain


Weather Conflict

What a good day it was for the above average Jubilee produce worker! We spent the morning scrubbing the 7 years of hard water build up off the wet rack. When we have a project, like so, to do I actually seem to lose track of time. I prefer to work wile I'm at work, I like to spend my day doing something productive.

The wet rack scrubbing was first event of the day to make it so good. Number two has no similarity but is just as interesting. for the past two months or so the granola guy, that comes in every Thursday, hired a very attractive blond. So every Thursday after lunch, around 1:00 pm, she comes to restock the granola bars that  happen to be closely located to our produce if not in our produce. Dare I say too close to our produce. You could say I have a major crush one this girl. I am to yet to find out the girls name although I'm progressing gradually on the whole talking part. today, for example, I asked her little "sister" ... (don't ask, I have no idea what she was doing there) if she was dead.They were trying out the blood presser cuff, also conveniently located in our produce.Last week I said hi and she said bye. So as you can obviously see, I've made lots of progress during  past two weeks. 

To top the day off my running shorts came in the mail and wore them under my sweats for my run in the freaking snow. It was a very rewarding run, I made a new record, I finished with two inches of snow on my Hoody , I felt very proud. also during my run I had two words that were floating around in my head precipitation and participation, just to throw that one out there.  

what a good day I had!