Times of change

This morning my nephew shown above went into surgery to get a Tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, myrignotomy. That's tonsils out, adenoids out, ear tubes in. I guess this will all make him a much happier camper. The guy is such an awesome little kid, and with the parents he has he will only become more awesome.  

Also on another note can any one see a big IDAHO written across my forehead?  Well look harder Because thats were going there this weekend ! Were leaving this afternoon yay! 

Any way peace out, enjoy life and don't look back. 


My brother smells like Stephs

What more could I ask for?  you know when life is good when your ending your sunday blogging away listing to Taylor Swift. Tomorrow is the big day, logan hear I come  si o si nothing can stop me Now. Also Im starting Insanity and its Elite Nutrition plan tomorrow.  Big things are in store.  Wish me luck. 

What dose my future hold in store for me.  I mean come on why cant I know.  Ok I guess I know what I need know to be happy and that is... wait for it ... find me a LADY.  Thats all there is to it right?

Oh and to get you all excited I took some hideous before pictures so y'all can see the changes insanity made.  So be sure to check back two months from now to see them. You and I will be amazed!