Moose creek

I had the most enjoyable weekend of the month! we went up to moose creek in Victor  Idaho to set out on a ten mile backpacking Adventure. My sister planed it and ended up inviting me (which is nice because she ends up paying for all of my expenses) and other very enjoyable people. the boy to girl ratio was defiantly in my favor. Not only was hauling my bag up the mountain awesome but I was also able to help push others up as well. That made for a good pass time and conversations, I'm glad I was able to help.


What Is Pickleball? what!!

My mom recently asked me on face book What pickle ball was. So in response to this I would like to dedicate this blog to my poor Mother who will shortly understand.

Ok sorry, I thought About posting a big long definition that would have been a lot of boring information informing you that Pickleball is  played by the old only longing to be in there twenties. So cheer up Im only going to show you a video. Check it out! 


I Need You?

Ever since I saw you my first day on campus my life has seemed empty . now I find out that your in my ward, what more could I ask for. its interesting because as I'm siting here listing  to Justin Bieber and it seem that every time I see you smile I smile. Now we need to get passed the just smiling stage and get some talking done. I cant wait to get to know you . today dragged on because I couldn't stop thinking about how long I would have to wait for next Sunday to come around. maybe if i keep my fingers crossed we will run into each other before then.

On another note I got a check for $2,755.00 today form some random dude from Florida. Turns out that its a big scam, they wanted me to cash it the day I received it and take $300 for my first secret shopper assignment. dumb people. hopefully the twenty  bucks they took from me so far will be all they end up with.