It's 3:00AM

Me and a couple of my shoes. 
It's the first step on the frozen pavement.
It's the smell of wood burning in a stove. 
It's the "clippity-clack" of a zipper.
It's the "swish" of the crisp air passing by. 
It's the reminding "thud" of where a foot has landed.
It's the glare of the white line passing by.
It's the humidity forming under a jacket.
It's the "zip" of a lowering zipper.
It's the sight of breath rising through a head lamp. 
It's the "hum" of the distant semis.
It's the fear of the "zoom" as the milk man rushes by to meet his quota.
It's the splatter of the uncontrolled saliva shining in the light.
It's the sound of sprinklers squirting ice onto the ground.
It's the halfway mark.
It's the sparkle of frost on the soft green grass. 
It's the sensation of a cracking lip in the bitter wind.     
It's the blast of light of the meteor in the moon lit sky. 
 It's the "rustling" leaves moving beneath your feet.
It's the thought of "can't see can't tell" how far its been.
It's the final turn.
It's the fear, frustration, guilt, fat and anger that was lost.
It's the confidence, energy, self worth, and love of life that was found.    
It's the steam rising from your heated body. 
It's the stretch.  

...It's the pure love of running that motivates me.


Life Savers

 What is it about milk?
 Milk comes from cows! 
Personally I couldn't live with out milk.  
I got a new job.
 And today,
I spent a few hours putting milk on shelves. 
  Oh Harmons,
 I think I'm going to like you the best. 
sorry Jubille.
Good Better Best
is my motto.  


Mile Stones

In my life I've had a lot of milestones. We should have a lot mile stones? Of course we should. some of our mile stones will better than others, some are desired some are long awaited. Some just happen out of the blue.

The reason I'm writing this blog is because my life milestones need to be published and its up to me to get them published!

First kiss:
Unfortunately I don't remember when I first thought I wanted to kiss some one. I do Know it was on my mind for many many years. I longed for the moment and lucky for me it was one of those moments well worth the wait.
January 23 2011

Running into a Blogger:
I was working Saturday night at Ridleys(Jubilee). The Dole Salads were badly needing a refilling. So there I was filling the salads just doing my thing and pow! Miss Jenna shows up (liked your hair by the way). It was weird how it all played out you caught me off guard. This ordeal made me think of how long I had read about your life and felt like I was almost part of it.  It had been almost a year since I first started following your blog. Now, just barley, I can say I said hi to you in person. I had been waiting for this milestone. October 1 2011

Drivers Licence:
Watch out! Big tough guy coming through. yeah i was pretty cool. I happened to be one of the first in my grade to get my drivers license, do to the fact that I was held back a year in second grade, making me the second oldest in my class. and I proud to say I didn't get a ticket on my record until after my mission.( Doesn't mean I didn't deserver one earlier). Yep can you say sly dog?
April 29 2005    

Got Married:
Your right, i haven't gotten married but (if it ever happens) it will be a big milestone on my life. I will be the luckiest guy in the world to marry the girl of my dreams!

This one was kinda expected but at the same time I didn't expect the unexpected. I had good a time studding, making new friends, living at home away from home. At least  it seemed that way for the summer. I quickly found out that you need money to do all of those thing and I spent all that I had the first week. So it was very unexpected that I had to put my collage life on hold, move back home and resort back to working Ridleys.
summer 2011    

Elder Browning:
Im home alone!! my brother left for his mission last month. He is now in the MTC in africa preparing to enter his mission, Cape Town South Africa. The other day I found my self rummaging through my mission stuff and I found an email from eric that I printed off because he sent such an uplifting and heart felt message during such a hard and discouraging time. I Referred back to it many times throughout my mission . I love My brother! This will be a long hard 2 years to endure though with without you to help me along the way. I'm glad I had a year to be home with you!
September 20 2011

One Year Anniversary:
 "bye every one see you in two years" I said as I was left at the MTC in provo One year ago. I was called to serve in the Chile, ViƱa del Mar Mission and did so now I've been home for one year. yep you can say Accomplishment  
September 24 2011

Well there you have some mile stones of my life. if you can think of some other milestones that you would like to hear about let me know!