My Mustache

Mustaches are an interesting thing. During the two week growth of my mustache I received several interesting comments like,  "you look like a cop," "you look like a solder from Germany or something" or "it makes my lip hurt." I also asked many people if they liked it and to your and my surprise not one of them told me the didn't like with out a smile on. I liked that. You all were so polite about my Mustache that didn't quite suit my face.  I would truly grow a mustache for the rest of my life if it meant that people would smile around me. Okay that's lie but I did enjoy all of the smiles. 

With my mustache. 

Today with out. 
So now it's up to you tell me what you think. Check yes or no
Hope you all had a good thanksgiving!    


Smucker's Seedless Strawberry Jam

Dear Jc,
Jk Thinks he would back off the mountain for you any time!
I hear Jk has the hots for you. :) 
He says your always on his mind. 
"Being woke up by a Jc text," Jk says, "is the best because she's awesome."
So who is this Jk Person any way? 
He sounds like a joke!
But a good joke of course.  
Jc, what more could Jk ask for? 
The End.  

PS. I would like to make notice of my Mom's great accomplishment she had this year with her doll project. 500 dolls that's amazing! your amazing! I love you!  


Like no other.

You amaze me. 
It's amazing how much you care.
It's amazing that you willing share 
you amaze me.
It's amazing how you love.
It's amazing how your like the one above.
you amaze me.
It's who you are that's amazing.
It's how we ought to be, Amazing.

talk I read hit home today. It said, "The purpose of our life on earth is to grow, develop, and be strengthened through our own experiences."



The other day I found my self receiving a foot detox bath. So, the idea is that if you send an electric current through you body and make it come out your feet. The toxins in your body will come out and show up in the water. To start out we filled our foot tubs With normal clean hot water (with a little salt). Next, we connected to an electric current by placing a bracelet, connected to a machine, around our wrist. Then bingo, we pressed start and watched the magic happen for 30 minutes. I was very surprised with the results.

This is just a little after we started. 
 You can see the bracelet and another conductor thing in the water.
Don't worry all I felt was the hot water.    
Do you like the look of awe I had at the end of the process?

Yep you can no longer see my toes due to the toxins that were removed from my body.

I had a coat of brown on top with black specks under neath. Matt had different cheese curds like substance floating round in his. Also note worthy is the foul smell that it was putting off. Kinda like burning iron or something. I didn't feel any different immediately after I was done. The only affects were that I slept for the whole next day. Over all I was intrigued with this process of detoxification. you should try it! 



Today I would like to share with you just a little bit of my night life that I find entertaining.
I work at a grocery store. You probably have never seen me working there, but I do. Check it out!       
This is the frozen isle can you tell that only half of the celling light are on?
The frozen isle is always so cold. Can see about fifteen boxes on the floor? Okay so normally we throw about 65 or so just in frozen.
Can you say -10 degrees? Yeah so if you don't have gloves your hands get bitterly cold.  

Come on guys not only do you get Great Prices but there are friendly people too. 

3:00AM lunch With a good ol lunch-able, orange juice, dried mangos, and Time magazine.

I found this in Time and couldn't help but think: Who controls which arm? How do they decide what to do? Do they only have one stomach?   
Baby food! this is the warmest place in the store, over by the bakery.

Did you enjoy learning more about my night life? I hope so!
 Oh and I have this random photo too! Can you tell who I'm talking too?
I'm not at work but thought you might enjoy knowing that I have Facebook.   



What is time, why do we have time, and when is it time.

At times it seems like we have so much time. Time time time all the time in the world. On other occasion it seems like we don't have enough time. I find my self switching back and forth between both of these circumstances constantly. This is certainly the time we have whether we like it our not. 
with racing we put in a lot of time before hand to see the shortest amount of time we can get out in the end. With love we we put a lot of time hopping that time will never run out, in fact, Dieter F Uchtdorf said that "love is really spelt T-I-M-E."

I hope this was worth your time. Its now your time to shine.