What a wonderful time of the year.

What a wonderful time of the year. 
 I got to spend the Christmas weekend with Jenna
 and her family or in other words, 
with lot of people I didn't know.
 although I feel like I will see them again.
I have some good news that I think you would like to hear.  
I'm engaged.
Jenna I love you!  


True Love

Which of five senses do you use most? Do you know them all?  Well this is your lucky day because this blog is dedicated to them. Yes all five. Why? I have no idea. So just enjoy.

The five methods of perception or sense are: hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste. Every sense has its place in my heart. For example, I love how the soft snowflakes shimmer as they fall through the pine-scented air while a candy cane melts in my mouth. Did you see that? I used all five senses in that sentence to prove to you that the five senses play a role in your life as well.    

I have noticed that throughout my life these senses are worthless unless someone else is in the picture to liven these senses. I, not you, just helped bring all five senses alive to you in that snowflake sentence mention above. To bring these senses alive, you needed me for every sense. Do you understand? Without someone to help awaken those senses it would not of happened. It's true. Someone needs to be there, whoever it may be.

That was fun! I hope what you got out of this is, it's not the same to hold you own hand... so find someone's hand to hold and discover the the true purpose and use of your five senses.

P.S. Snow is a good weapon to use in a snowball fight.