Turkey Fluff

I'm so grateful for this girl. And my turkey is now being digested by stomach acid.


Flood of Emotions

You could call it a flood. But it was just a fountain. Check out the fun I had today in the water. The little kids were too afraid to play with me, so they just watched and took pictures. And by little kids, I mean Jenna and the baby (aka party poopers).

Josh! Don't get wet!
Stay out!
I'm gonna jump, Mom!
I got wet...
Where'd all the water go?
It snuck up on me.


Arizona Road Trip (according to google translate.)

I took a few weeks ago and want to talk about your adventure Jenna. Jenna because she wanted to get out of the house, in my head, I went to the drive and late night destination. We saw a sign marking the boundary of the Arizona suddenly. So we crossed the border. Suddenly, I felt really creeped out and. All that was in Arizona was a dirt road and a large expanse of nothingness. We turned around and went back so. However, we bought some sweets along the way too.



I have been growing out my beard lately. Jenna asked me if it was for no-shave November and I asked her if it was November already. Apparently it's not. Regardless, the beard is lookin' and feelin' good. Here are some pictures.


all you're ever gonna be is mean

Tonight I watched Taylor Swift interviews with Jenna. I hope to be Taylor Swift someday. Only the male version...




My wife stares at me a lot. Sometimes we watch shows together and I can see her out of the corner of my eye, just staring. Not at the screen, but at me.

It's creepy.


Christmas Tree

My Christmas tree is still up and im debating on when it should come down.

I'm a blogger.

Hello blogging world! I'm baaaaaaaack. I hope you missed me. I've just been busy being married and stuff and it's been lots of fun. You should try it sometime. I'm going to have a baby in January. Actually, Jenna is going to have the baby, but I'll be it's dad. Her dad. It's a girl. The baby. She will be cute.

That's all I have to say.




shameless plug

I love Josh Browning, but he never blogs, so I (Jenna) have decided to steal his phone and post for him while he stares at Facebook on his computer. I feel that it is very important to blog for one's followers. Sometimes you are their only source of entertainment, love, education, friendship. Yes. Blogging could save a life. Especially Jake Haslam's life. Jake is a friend of Josh's who is in desperate need of a good blog. If only Josh would blog more.... it would really strengthen many of his relationships.

I have a suspicion that Josh only blogged to get girls (me, in particular). Now that he has one (me), he thinks he doesn't have to please any of his followers (including me). This is false. He is wrong. He should blog. Don't you agree with me, fellow followers? We should start a petition. A "Make Josh Browning Blog" petition.

But even if we did that, I am pretty sure he still wouldn't blog.

It's a lost cause, really. I don't even know why I'm still a follower.

 I think that's all I have to say. Have a lovely day, everyone!

Check out my blog. It's way better.


yeah man

I haven't blogged in a very long time. I am a blogging slacker. I should blog more. I should blog all the time. Every day. All day. All night. All I should do is just blog blog blog.

I am totally in love with Jenna Colvin. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever known and I can't wait to marry her. She's going to be the best wifey that ever existed.

The end.