shameless plug

I love Josh Browning, but he never blogs, so I (Jenna) have decided to steal his phone and post for him while he stares at Facebook on his computer. I feel that it is very important to blog for one's followers. Sometimes you are their only source of entertainment, love, education, friendship. Yes. Blogging could save a life. Especially Jake Haslam's life. Jake is a friend of Josh's who is in desperate need of a good blog. If only Josh would blog more.... it would really strengthen many of his relationships.

I have a suspicion that Josh only blogged to get girls (me, in particular). Now that he has one (me), he thinks he doesn't have to please any of his followers (including me). This is false. He is wrong. He should blog. Don't you agree with me, fellow followers? We should start a petition. A "Make Josh Browning Blog" petition.

But even if we did that, I am pretty sure he still wouldn't blog.

It's a lost cause, really. I don't even know why I'm still a follower.

 I think that's all I have to say. Have a lovely day, everyone!

Check out my blog. It's way better.