I have been growing out my beard lately. Jenna asked me if it was for no-shave November and I asked her if it was November already. Apparently it's not. Regardless, the beard is lookin' and feelin' good. Here are some pictures.


all you're ever gonna be is mean

Tonight I watched Taylor Swift interviews with Jenna. I hope to be Taylor Swift someday. Only the male version...




My wife stares at me a lot. Sometimes we watch shows together and I can see her out of the corner of my eye, just staring. Not at the screen, but at me.

It's creepy.


Christmas Tree

My Christmas tree is still up and im debating on when it should come down.

I'm a blogger.

Hello blogging world! I'm baaaaaaaack. I hope you missed me. I've just been busy being married and stuff and it's been lots of fun. You should try it sometime. I'm going to have a baby in January. Actually, Jenna is going to have the baby, but I'll be it's dad. Her dad. It's a girl. The baby. She will be cute.

That's all I have to say.