Flood of Emotions

You could call it a flood. But it was just a fountain. Check out the fun I had today in the water. The little kids were too afraid to play with me, so they just watched and took pictures. And by little kids, I mean Jenna and the baby (aka party poopers).

Josh! Don't get wet!
Stay out!
I'm gonna jump, Mom!
I got wet...
Where'd all the water go?
It snuck up on me.


Arizona Road Trip (according to google translate.)

I took a few weeks ago and want to talk about your adventure Jenna. Jenna because she wanted to get out of the house, in my head, I went to the drive and late night destination. We saw a sign marking the boundary of the Arizona suddenly. So we crossed the border. Suddenly, I felt really creeped out and. All that was in Arizona was a dirt road and a large expanse of nothingness. We turned around and went back so. However, we bought some sweets along the way too.