Sparks of Interest

The following is a paper I wrote for my English class last week. The assignment was to write about an experience that has changed the way we read/write.

In the beginning the thing that got me interested in writing was female bloggers, and in the end, one female blogger. I was a bachelor living the lonely life that a bachelor can live. One day as I was looking through my social media sites, I found a link to a blog, Unencumbered Words. I found myself very interested in the writing and wondered, If Unencumbered Words is out there, what other blogs can I find? I found and read a fair share of blogs. Seeing how others wrote sparked something in me that made me want to join the blogging community. 

I started by creating my own blog, Life of Joy (later to be known as “Life of Josh”). At first, I wrote to entertain myself, but as I continued, I realized that I was slacking. If I wanted to succeed in writing, I needed to entertain a larger audience. Mostly, I wanted to entertain single ladies. In order for me to sustain and grow my audience (single ladies) I started to comment on other blogs and post links to my own blog. My readership began to grow. 

As I involved myself more and more in the single ladies’ blogs, I found that I was interested in some blogs more than others. One blog that stood out to me was this Unencumbered Words blog written by a girl named Jenna. She would comment on my blog and I would comment on hers, both of us encouraging each other to blog more often. I took her encouragement to heart, continuing to write and (more importantly) improve my writing in order to keep her interested. 

I wanted to see Jenna in person. All I knew of her was her limited written life on Unencumbered Words and that she lived near the grocery store where I worked. I was falling in love with her words and did not want it to end at that. In my mind I imagined us running into each other, becoming acquainted,  saying hi in person, exchanging smiles and simply enjoying one another’s company. Oh, how I longed for that day. Then... one lonely Saturday night as I was restocking the the bagged salads at the grocery store, there, as I turned around to grab some more coleslaw, I saw her. 

“Jenna,” I said, as a smile formed on my face, “Hi. How are you?”

She smiled and replied, “Hi Josh.”

I had waited for this moment, this moment of seeing her face with my own eyes, and it had finally happened. I could not let this moment go to waste. Blogging to get the single ladies was my thing, and Jenna was the single lady to get, so blog I would. I wrote a post with Jenna as my audience. I hoped she would would read it. I wrote so she would know how I loved seeing her in person. I wrote hoping I could see her again. Jenna read that post, and she commented, “I'm so glad you liked running into me at the grocery store. As I was walking out to my car I said to my mom, ‘Do you know what's weird? He knows practically everything about my life, but I haven't REALLY talked to him in person.’ Gotta love blogging!”

From there, things took off. We started seeing more and more of each other and our blog love turned into real love. To make a long story short, now Jenna and I are married. My plan to win a lady through writing succeeded. 

This experience has changed the way that I write. Now I think about how I can get the attention of my audience. I look more closely at the details in the punctuation, and the words I use to express my thoughts. My writing ability has increased though practice. Of course my writing didn't just get better over night, but as I continued with a desire to improve, my writing has been enhanced. 


  1. Hehehe I like the repeated reference to single ladies. and nice writing skills.

  2. Great story and I enjoyed reading it from your point of view.

  3. You are definitely improving your writing skills. Good job Joshua Kay Browning!

  4. Just found this gem of a story. I didn’t know these details of how you met. So sweet.